Excessive Individualism Is Killing America

We live alone and die alone

Reaching for moola

More and more



It’s so


I don’t know what to do

Let’s bury our heads

In the sand again


You hide from me

I run from you


We all live in castles

On our own plots of land

Forever stretching liberty

With no guiding plans


Social ills still growing

Isolation can’t always be blamed

Cause’ we’ve got new machines

To keep us all entertained



You hide from me

I run from you


Driving cars across the states

Moving from house to house

Sorta like traveling salesmen

Always changing routes


I’m not sure what is stable

It’s not something I see

It might be nice

To recognize

Our human family


Human family

The whole race is one family



Many out there

Are generous when it counts

But I was

Hoping to share a life

Not just get helped out


Copyright ©2006 Andrew Jack Rhodes

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