The Curve Of The Tree

The curve of the tree

Seems to remind me

Paths crossing and intertwining

My route’s not a straight one

It bends and turns from the ground


An artwork in progress

Though I notice one branch at a time

Growing and twisting like a tree does

My life moves and splits with the vine


When I should cry

I should hold on

When we’re alone

We can reach through and long

For a face remembered

For a piece of a real song


Though I may be

Lost, I’m sure where I am

And I can’t see

But, my eyes will wake again


And if I remain

I will change and I’ll run

With more of life

And with the shine of the one


I spent three days in the pit

Savoring the mud

But before I knew it

I was back up again

People had shown me I’d seen life upside down


So much grandness and goodness

It’s inside me and it’s all around

Sure there’s heartache and for pain’s sake

I’ll keep my heart planted on the ground


Copyright ©2003 Andrew Jack Rhodes

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