So Dearly

Each new dream come true Within every lingering disappointment Atop a smokescreen Comes clear so beggars will see Every new … More

The Curve Of The Tree

The curve of the tree Seems to remind me Paths crossing and intertwining My route’s not a straight one It … More

Unexpected Happiness

You’re trying to catch The song in your head Hoping to mix it all up Make sense of it Before … More

Shades Of Light

Shades of light Although I drudged around Savoring all that was dim All that was dark, all the spite   … More

Radiant Life, Coral Reef

The brilliant little fishes continue to dart This way Flippity flappidy See the Foureye Butterfly Fish Hanging out ’round the … More

Staying Up Later

No war for the moment Production rashly evades all time Go on to find we’re drifting Heat running down our … More

You Are

I saw my lady She walked in And took the breath from the room I gasped for air But she’d … More

Cat Harassment

You saw this cat She was being Being harassed   You saw this cat Trying to take away a stash … More

Made of Dreams

Numbers becoming needles In my mind, in my soul Fighting and pestering Grabbing for unprecedented control   A plague of … More

Soap Effect

My hair is really nappy I don’t smell good   Sometimes I’m dirty It’s good to be clean Soap effect … More

A Call Underground

A call underground Within the Earth   Revive myself And all of our rebirth Rebirth   No matter what happens … More

Whenever You Are

You know me all right You’ve read my pages I can stand bare before your eyes Open to the wind … More


Yeah, I’m stuck here In the modern age Technological fears We’re trapped as slaves   Inside my cubicle With my … More

Worth Saving

The message of this generation The musical soul of a crippled nation Our voice is loud and from the hard … More

Been Hurt Before

Standing out here without you If I’d said it a little bit softer Would you have stayed If I’d held … More

A Steady Community

Night slides and strolls on Everyone’s at home I’m out here all alone Thinking about where I’m headed Do you … More

Time Edges On

Time edges on I cannot dread The victories won By other faithful ones instead   Thy truth so deeply granted … More